LafaTec Industrial Control & Automation Software

Multi-stage & multi-channel temperature control system

for heat treatment, sintering, baking and fermetation


  1. the best solution for sinter furnaces and coffee mills
  2. with PC-Based MMI, data logging, trend display & reporting functions
  3. number of heating stages unlimited, number of channels expandable
  4. the recipe can be downloaded from the host computer
  5. the heating history can be uploaded to the host computer
  6. option of touch screen is available for ease of on-site operation
  7. Our softwares are easily operated and well documented.
  8. Options of network connection to other systems requiring our data are provided.
  9. Versions of Windows NT & Windows 98 are both available.
  10. We also offer a similar system for continuous furnaces, such as sinter furnaces in which the ramp of each heating sections can be monitored and controlled in coordination.

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