LafaTec about us

Founded in 1992, LafaTec® is a professional system house, located in Tainan, a historic city in southern Taiwan. The office is twenty minutes from Tainan Science-based Industrial Park which is established with the semiconductor manufacturing as the major industry, and one hour from KaoHsiung where many heavy industries congregate.

As a technology based company, our staff are completely focused on software and controls based business, within industrial markets.Services include fully integrated solutions, consisting of design, engineering, programming, installation, and training.

Our staff of highly qualified engineers, have years of extensive experience within many markets, including animal feed, diary, beverage, conveyance, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Our customer experience includes companies such as President-Pepsi Food Corp., Teco Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., President Enterprise, WeiChuan Food, Taiwan Sugar, Taiwan Komatsu, Ralec Electronic, Tainan Spinning, TunYun Texitile, SanShin Hardware, Orient Semiconductor, LiPeng Enterprise, FoGuang University, Concord Chemistry, Sun A Enterprise Co., Ltd., Pt. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper and many others.

We are also an officially registered importer & exporter.

H. Huang - Managing Director

Prior to joining LafaTec, Mr. Huang spent ten years at Uni-President Enterprises Corp., the largest food company in Taiwan, where he was the leader who directed and undertook many factory automation programs. He has extensive experiences in the field of factory automation.

Mr. Huang holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from National TsingHua University. He is also engaged in promotion of animal welfares.

S.S. Cheng - Manager of Industrial Control

S.S. has specialty in industrial control. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanics from National ChengKung University.

K.C. Yang - Manager of Automation Software

K.C. has specialty in machine vision and data base system.

He holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from National ChengKung University. He is also an architect famous for church building design. After Taiwan Quake, he is currently helping rebuild churches in disaster area in his after-hours .

Company Profile

Company NameLafaTec Inc.
CapitalNT$ 6 millions Taiwan dollars
DirectorHiroshi Huang
Numbers of Employees10